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Instantly compare your salary against thousands of real people. Calculate your earnings by location, employer, job, university and more.

Are You Being Paid Fairly?

Curious about your co-workers salaries? Our salary calculator can help to start your research if you suspect you are not paid fairly.

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Equip yourself with real salary data as you plan your next pay rise, internal promotion, or negotiate remuneration with a new employer.






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How to Use the Salary Calculator

The Emolument salary calculator is a powerful online tool that gives you an instant comparison of how your salary stacks up against the industry average from the same job title and location.

It couldn't be easier to use... Just select your activity, location and job title.

You can use our salary calculator to prepare for your next salary review, plan a career move, negotiate a pay rise, or as part of your research to determine if you are being paid fairly.

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