About Us

We’re the global leader in crowdsourced compensation data

Founded in 2012, Emolument.com is now one of the largest providers of crowdsourced compensation data globally.

We started our journey with a simple ambition: bring greater transparency to the world of pay.

Unlike compensation data consulting firms who rely on the participation of the companies they survey, we gather that data directly from our ever growing crowd of individual users.

Our users submit their compensation data directly to Emolument which then aggregates the information whilst protecting the anonymity of users.

As users come to Emolument to receive an individual benchmark of their own compensation profile, they take the data submission process very seriously. However, we don’t stop there to ensure optimal data integrity and accuracy: our best-in-class process combines test-based algorithms, machine learning and validation by trained data analysts.

Emolument has been helping HR decision makers to make more informed decisions and to stay competitive: they use our data to benchmark specific roles, their entire workforce or evaluate the cost of opening a new office or division. They also take advantage of our bespoke surveys on other key elements of compensation like benefits.


We recently launched Alumni, designed to make it easier for universities and business schools to stay up-to-date with what jobs their alumni are in and what they’re earning.