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December 2015

Emolument's Bonus Predictions for UK Bankers in 2016

7th December 2015 Download

November 2015

University League Tables

23rd November 2015 Download

The Very Highest-Paying Jobs in Finance

2nd November 2015 Download

October 2015

Humanities vs. Sciences: Who Earns More?

21st October 2015 Download

IT Industry: Gender Gap

13th October 2015 Download

100,000 users!

7th October 2015 Download

September 2015

Rugby World Cup Stars: What do they earn?

30th September 2015 Download

Strategy Consulting: Best-paying Firms

22nd September 2015 Download

US vs. UK: the IT pay gap

16th September 2015 Download

For whom do students aspire to work?

9th September 2015 Download

Which lawyers earn the most?

2nd September 2015 Download

August 2015

Who are the British CEOs?

19th August 2015 Download

Where the best paid finance graduates go to university?

12th August 2015 Download

Associates : which are the best paying banks in 2015 ?

5th August 2015 Download

July 2015

Which bank values its analysts the most?

29th July 2015 Download

Emolument.com raises a further USD 1.4mm from leading angels and City figures

22th July 2015 Download

Will you earn more in July than the Maillot Jaune?

15th July 2015 Download

Which middle & back office jobs pay the most?

8th July 2015 Download

What are the odds of making it to MD level?

1st july 2015 Download

June 2015

Analysts vs. CEOs: What’s the pay gap?

24th June 2015 Download

Should you quit banking to play tennis?

17th June 2014 Download

FIFA vs. traders: who scores highest?

10th June 2015 Download

Mid&Back office bonuses 2015 : top paying banks

3rd June 2015 Download

May 2015

Which banks paid the biggest bonuses in 2015?

27th May 2015 Download

Graduate jobs: where is the sweetspot?

20th May 2015 Download


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