Where does your university rank on the Alumni Rich List?

Tuition fees are a big subject in the UK today, and at a time when thousands of young people have finally submitted their UCAS form, many will be wondering if making such a huge investment (perhaps facing debts of 44,000) in their education will be money well spent.

The good news is that our salary benchmarking service now collects data from individuals about their level of education, the courses they studied and the universities they attended, so for the first time you can benchmark yourself against colleagues AND classmates.

So why is understanding how your university choices affects your earning potential so important? Well, as our CEO, Thomas Drewry explains:

"There is so much attention on tuition fees at the moment that people often don't stop to consider how their degree, or which university they go to, will affect their earning potential. Having a level of transparency in salaries is important as it enables individuals to see what they should be earning now, in 5 or 10 years time, or even in other industries or career paths they might be considering, to make more informed choices and manage their own career more effectively."

Using data collected from over 35,000 individuals through our salary benchmarking service, here top 20 universities, and the average salaries of graduates within five years of leaving, are as follows:

1. London Business School (69,000)

2. Oxford University (54,000)

3. Warwick Business School (53,000)

4. Cambridge University (52,500)

5. Cass Business School (50,500)

6. LSE London School of Economics (50,000)

7. University of Sheffield (49,000)

8. Edinburgh University (48,500)

9. Imperial College London (47,000)

10. University of Birmingham (46,500)

11. University of London (45,500)

12. Durham University (45,000)

13. University of Bath (43,500)

14. Aston University (43,000)

15. Warwick University (42,500)

16. Bristol University (41,000)

17. UCL University College London (40,500)

18. Loughborough University (40,500)

19. University of Leeds (40,500)

20. University of Nottingham (40,000)

It will come as little surprise that both Oxford and Cambridge University feature strongly in the Alumni Rich List with graduates from both earning an average of over 50,000 within five years of graduating. However, it is interesting that graduates from leading business schools that take up most of the top positions, which may make undergraduates and post-graduates consider carefully whether a business-focused course might give them the best return on investment.


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