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Risk Controllers: A rising profile? NOTE: if using the data below, it is essential to us that you refer to as 'salary benchmarking site' and use hyperlinks to We have examined salary data from 587 professionals working in risk departments in London at VP level. Every year, a chunkier pay package: Base salary has grown in average by 4,5% per year these two last year while bonuses have grown in average by 33% per year Top-tier nbsp risk professional can rely on high bonuses: while salaries only grew by 1% p.a. in the last two years, bonuses went up by 65% p.a. tracking the rising importance of risk control in top-tier banks Paying up for scarcity? Pay packages have been rising as part of a City-wide recruitment drive which has seen risk departments take on a life of their own: while they used to be a part of middle office, risk teams are now stand alone entities, with hundreds more staff than before the financial crisis With a dearth of seasoned risk professionals, managers can name their terms, especially when it comes to bonuses. Over the last few years, risk teams leaped to the fore when some institutions came close to collapse and showed just how valuable they could be, and have been hot property ever since, which is reflected in their pay. Financial Services nbsp Top Tier Banks nbsp nbsp SalaryBonusSalaryBonus 201282,5008,50083,00010,000 201385,25012,00084,00021,000 201490,00016,00085,00025,000


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