Mid amp Back office bonuses 2015 : top paying banks Average middle amp back office bonuses by bank What a range! GS back office bonuses are 2x BNP's and 7x the lowest paying bank's Societe Generale .. but it's not all about bonuses: In front office jobs, bonuses can easily equal base salaries, while for middle and back office professionals bonuses rarely add to more than 30% of total pay Total pay packages buoyed by base salaries: At banks paying low bonuses, higher salaries are used to compensate: Nomura may pay £8,000 bonuses, but still ranks second in total remuneration Average middle amp back office bonuses and salaries by bank Bonus Salary Total nbsp Goldman Sachs £38,000 £87,000 £125,000 nbsp BNP Paribas £21,000 £72,000 £93,000 nbsp Bank of America Merrill Lynch £17,000 £79,000 £96,000 nbsp HSBC £17,000 £74,000 £91,000 nbsp Deutsche Bank £15,000 £97,000 £112,000 nbsp Morgan Stanley £13,000 £76,000 £89,000 nbsp Credit Suisse £13,000 £86,000 £99,000 nbsp JP Morgan Chase £13,000 £97,000 £110,000 nbsp Nomura £8,000 £108,000 £116,000 nbsp UBS £8,000 £88,000 £96,000 nbsp Barclays £6,000 £88,000 £94,000 nbsp Societe Generale £5,000 £66,000 £71,000


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