MD salary and bonus in Debt/Equity Capital Markets Pay: London vs. Paris

Not surprising when it comes to total compensation: London-based senior bankers simply make more both in bonus and salary terms.

Base salary is substantially higher in London: base salaries are on average 60% higher in London than in Paris.

And so are bonuses: $586,000 in London vs. $380,000 in Paris, which goes to show that there is stiff competition for senior talent in London

However, bonuses are proportionally higher in Paris! Bonuses in Paris represent x1.55 base salary vs x1.42 in London, which well within the 2x bonus cap EU rules

While the cost of living in Paris is cheaper, London pay packages offer an extra USD350,000 annually, which more than makes up for expensive housing and school fees. We can expect the flow of top French bankers to London to continue considering the large compensation gap between the two cities.

City Base Salary Bonus



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