Which MBAs have the best return on investment ?

We have analysed salary data from 339 Bankers working in London.

MBAs' tuition fees come from The Economist or from university websites.
Average salaries for Front office professionals with 5-10 years of experience.

Top MBAs have very similar impacts on bankers' salaries : there is only a 9% gap between Booth's best paying MBA and LBS'

But what a range of fees! With up to a 40% gap between HBS and Oxford;this has a huge impact on the time that one needs to recoup the costs (up to one additional year)

A long term play : beyond the short term value of an MBA (VPs with an MBA earn 7% more than non MBAs), the immeasurable value of an MBA comes from the network it provides, which pays off throughout a career

Impact of an MBA on bankers' salaries


Impact of an MBA on bankers' salaries & years to recoup


Average salary of MBA holders

Impact of MBA on salary

Tuition fees

Years to recoup investment

Chicago Booth


 + £24,000



Harvard Business School


+ £22,000





+ £17,000



Oxford Said


+ £17,000



New York Stern


+ £16,000



London Business School


+ £15,000




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