Are you in the best city for M&A and Advisory Associates?

New York, New York!

Unsurprisingly, pay for associates is far higher in New York and London than elsewhere. New York is offering the largest bonuses worldwide (80% of base salary vs. 58% for London). It is clearly a commitment from banks to junior staff to give them a flavour of their 70-100 hour weeks paying off!

London: a safer bet?

But base salaries are substantially higher in London: $132,000 at Associate level vs. lower base salaries for Milan at $92,000. Frankfurt comes in the third position: An example of well-balanced remuneration with bonuses representing 50% of base salary.

Despite still being fairly junior and not having a direct deal-making capability, Associates in New York are clearly being incentivised to support their team in bringing deals home through aggressive profit-sharing.

City Base SalaryBonus
New York $125,000$100,000



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