Top accounts to follow on Twitter: Inspirational gurus

Thanks to twitter there is now an easy way for you to get up to the minute tips and information from some of the world's leading business lights, providing bite size chunks nuggets of inspiration or advice in just 140 characters. What's more, on twitter, they may actually choose to interact with you, allowing you to personally access their thoughts and opinions - they may not, of course, but it's worth a try.

The important thing to remember about social media is that it is social. Twitter is an informal space where questions and answers are freely given, so as long as you don't offend, there's no harm in striking up a conversation - you never know what it could lead to.

Here is our list of top business tweeters that are well worth following:


Tim Ferriss. Famous for his book, The 4-hour Workweek, Ferris is a favourite with entrepreneurs and covers a broad range of topics, from standard business fair to cooking and physical fitness.


Richard Branson. An obvious one, but he does know what he's talking about! Branson started his career the same way most of us do, as a startup with a great idea, therefore he's very supportive of fledgling businesses and his feeds not just about being a big corporate.


Tony Hsieh. The CEO of online shoe company, Hsieh knows a great deal about starting and building businesses - he sold a company called LinkExchange to Microsoft for $265 million at the tender age of 24.


Caterina Fake. Co-founder of popular websites such as Hunch and Flickr, Fake has also been involved with large enterprises such as Netscape and Caterina covers a wide range of topics such as social media, culture and fundraising.


Jason Falls. Speaks and advises companies all around the world. Jason has always been active on social media, ever since it became popular in the mid-2000s and regularly posts informative blogs and videos.


Umar Haique. Director of the Havas Media Lab, blogger for the Harvard Business Review and author of The New Capitalist Manifesto. Haque's tweets are followed avidly in business circles for their economic insight.


Zee M Kane. Editor-in-chief of The Next Web, Zee is a true techno-guru. He delivers internet news, business, culture and the latest trends in mobile communication.


Felix Salmon. Approachable, funny and one of Reuters' star bloggers. He's essential reading for anyone in the financial sector, with nuggets of breaking news, links to informative articles, and the odd bit of amiable banter.


Mike Butcher. Editor of TechCrunch Europe, Mike has been called "king of dotcom commentators", as well as being named one of the 50 most influential Britons in technology.


Tim Harford. Delivering accessible economic insights, Harford made his name using logic to explain life's conundrums in his books, The Logic of Life and the Undercover Economist. His tweets focus on questions like "Who really makes money from fair-trade coffee?


You may recognise Marsha from her numerous TV appearances commenting on business, but she also shares some valuable insights via Twitter. Away from the digital world, her best-selling book, The Secret Collaborative Economy, also comes highly recommended.


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