How much do lawyers really make?

We have analysed salary data from 396 legal profesionnals working in the UK

A steady climb : From qualification to 15 years into the job, salary growth is very steady, with a £25,000 tick up every five years

High note finish : From a pay standpoint, it's all about the final years; unlike many other jobs such as banking, asset management or consultancy which see a mid-career hike

Worth sticking to your books : a degree from a renowned Law school such as Cambridge or LSE push pay up by as much as 25%, even as long as 5-10 years post graduation

Average lawyer salary in the UK

Entry Level 0 to 5 years

Mid-Career 5 to 10 years

Experienced 10 to 15 years

Late Career 15 + years






What pay for the top law degrees*?

Best Paying Universities


Cambridge University


London School of Economics


Edinburgh University


Oxford University



*5-10 years of experience


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