The Christmas Review has examined bonus data from 1309 Directors working in front office in Origination & Advisory, Financial Markets, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Independent Brokers and Trading Houses, Asset Management and Wealth Management in London.

Throughout their career, finance professionals are occasionally faced with opportunities in different areas of the industry. With highly transferrable skills such as modeling, financial engineering and deal-making, professionals can move from IBD to Private Equity, Bank-based trading to hedge funds, or Asset Management to Wealth Management. Emolument lays bare remuneration figures to give more visibility to make better informed choices.


  • Private Equity on top: only just ahead of Origination and Advisory with an average total compensation of GBP293,000, Private Equity is the most rewarding sector, especially since our figures don't include other PE specific pay componenets such as carried interest which would have to be added to the total comp number above
  • A classic case of Investment Bankers vs Markets: A Director in Origination & Advisory will earn in average +9% vs his counterpart on the trading floor mainly thanks to high bonuses channeled by deal-making capacities of the Origination department
  • Asset Managers beat Wealth Managers: The large gap between wealth managers and asset managers is all down to bonuses
  • Brokers and Trading Houses, the poor relation of the Financial industry: with an average total Compensation of 175,000, directors in this industry are below the 200,000 threshold

RankIndustry Base SalaryBonusTotal Compensation
1Private Equity 146,000147,000293,000
2Origination & Advisory 150,000140,000290,000
3Hedge Funds130,000136,000266,000
4Sales, Trading and Research 155,000110,000265,000
5Asset Management115,00085,000200,000
6Brokers & Trading Houses115,00060,000175,000
7Wealth Management120,00030,000150,000


Pay is a key component of any career decision and Emolument is on a mission to change the status quo when it comes to the current lack of transparency in salaries. The different careers in Finance entail various working environments, cultures, levels of pressure in the office, travel etc.. These elements are usually easy to obtain, and so should remuneration information: we feel knowing exactly where you stand empowers you to manage your own career, so we are working hard at lifting the veil on behalf of employees.


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