FIFA vs. traders: who scores highest?

We have analysed Data from 2,700 banking, hedge funds and non-for profit-corporations employees. Source for FIFA and UEFA salary figures: FIFA and UEFA yearly reports.

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Trading floor vs. football pitch: with an average annual salary of $242,000, FIFA pays its employees 25% more than banks do traders; FIFA employees make 34% more than notoriously high-earning hedge funds professionals.

FIFA, a non for profit organisation? Really? : FIFA salaries are 3.7x higher than the $66,000 average salary in non for profit organisations, and +37% compared to the already generous UEFA.

... And that doesn't even include bonuses: Including bonuses, traders earn on average $377,000 p.a.; would that beat FIFA numbers? unclear as FIFA has been said to have paid large bonuses in 2015.

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