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Why Emolument is The Best Salary Calculator Site

Today users have a variety of online options regarding salary calculator and comparison sites. But with such saturation with this type of tool, why should you use Emolument over our competitors? We believe you should exclusively use the Emolument salary calculator for a number of reasons.

In short:

  • Specialist focus: industry-relevant taxonomy designed by experts
  • Curated data: submitted data examined by both proprietary algorithms and team of data analysts for maximum accuracy and integrity
  • Dynamic interaction: data constantly updated by users and alert system built-in to incentivise users to come back regularly

In addition, the key draw of using Emolument is simplicity combined with transparency. We offer a comprehensive review of how your salary compares to others, so you can not only confirm that your salary matches your experience and abilities, but to help you understand and track your career progress. The Emolument salary calculator offers not only the best job benchmarking tool available, but also benchmarks yourself against your ex-classmates with our shiny, brand new Alumni reports tool.

Our competitors regularly don't reveal where that data is sourced from, such as how much data is collected, who it's from, or whether it's an algorithm or real data. If there's no clear explanation as to data's origin, you might be comparing yourself against inaccurate or misleading data. Sometimes there's even no clear data validation process, if there is any validation at all. Many of the job descriptions to choose from are very generic, such as 'analyst', which makes it difficult to gather data specifically relevant to you.

On top of questionable data and options, many of these job benchmarking services are extremely time-consuming. For example, Payscale's survey is 10 pages before any results are revealed. The results themselves can be very basic too; many salary calculator sites will simply pinpoint your salary against their data. Advanced data examination isn't permitted on many sites.

Here on Emolument, however, our salary calculator and job benchmarking service offers advanced data insight, tailoring your salary benchmarking to your specialist occupation. Are you a Commodies Derivates Trader or an Structured Products Trader? Your pay would always differ from others in your industry. Emolument also takes bonuses into consideration, comparing your industries median bonus to yours.

In terms of your security, as we guarantee your data is as valuable as our own. None of your information is passed onto 3rd parties, as entries are just displayed in groups, not as individuals. Benchmark with confidence and with ease!

After you've viewed your extensive job salary report, explore hundreds of job salary reports to gain the most comprehensive salary overview available. Emolument also offers exclusive relevant articles, giving you insight and tips related to work and managing your career effectively. We regularly feature infographics full of fascinating data on career and industry-focused topics. Discover articles such as what are the best paid careers on the planet, or 5 ways of using body language to be the best in your career now!

So next time you're looking for a comprehensive overview of your career, choose the Emolument salary calculator over every other service to get the best possible data. Check out our homepage for example salary reports.

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