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Emolument has analysed bonuses from 1,077 Directors working in London's top banks

If your bank has performed well, you would expect a high bonus, wouldn't you? So much for theory: as we take a look at institutions earnings and their bonus payments, it becomes clear that the relationship between earnings and bonuses is far from linear

How much is enough? Stellar revenue numbers at BAML make their bonus figures look stingy, despite averaging at 202,000 for Directors

Who said banks couldn't be generous? Some institution making less than their competitors still decide to share a higher proportion of income with its employees: Credit Suisse staff are better off than most, with high rewards for a relatively weaker businessperformance

Fairest banks league table


How employer fairness is calculated

[2014 Total M&A income of Bank] / [Average Director bonus of Bank]

Average bonus by bank


Banks bonuses and banks results


Source of M&A transactions values: Factset Flashwire Europe Quartlerly - 4th Quarter 2014


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