Who are the British CEOs?

How many CEOs...


...Got a bonus?


...Have a bachelor degree?


 ...Hold an MBA?


What are CEOs...

Average figures






13 years

...Years in title?

4.5 years

Based on 44 CEOs from UK-based companies with less than 50 employees

British CEOs are educated and experienced : the Silicon Valley myth according to which CEOs are inexperienced college drop-outs does not apply in the UK... yet: the average UK CEO holds a bachelor degree and has 13 years' experience under his belt.

MBAs are not the key to getting the top job: with only 15% of UK CEOs holding an MBA, it looks like across all industries, MBAs are not as valued as they are in Financial Services or Consultancy.

CEOs are not greedy: with only 35% paying themselves a bonus, CEOs are clearly sensitive to their company's needs and are therefore likely to forego a bonus payment.


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