What are the best paying IT Jobs?

We have analysed Data from 503 IT senior employees (10 years of experience or more) in the UK

Every firm in every sector wants IT professionals. Courted from all angles, they have a choice: free-lancing, joining the exciting world of startups, plugging themselves to large tech groups or hopping on the finance gravy-train, as banks are more and more in need of professionals sitting between traders, quants, middle office and internal systems departments. So with all these options in mind, how do these different career paths pay off in the long term?

Play it safe, go large: across all industries, top paying firms for senior IT professionals are large firms (1,000+ employees). Working for a larger firm, employees can also expect regular training and various benefits.

Highly-IT dependent financial institutions pay the best showing how key it is for them to stay on top of new products, trends, risk-management and trading systems. As expected, industries less reliant on technology such as Law firms pay less.

Top 3 Tech Firms for IT


Annual income for senior employees







Top 3 Financial institutions for IT


Annual income for senior employees

Deutsche Bank


Credit Suisse




Average annual income per industry



Annual income for senior employees



Asset Managers


Rating Agencies








Law firms


Public sector



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