What are the Best Paid Careers on the Planet?

When choosing your career path, one of the main goals is to make good money. This criterion is highly dependent on the sector you are working in. Pay standards are also different from countries to countries. Disparities are sometimes huge as types of occupations are not considered evenly.

This infographic, from blucarrot.com sums up the salary gap across the planet. Have a look!


  • Want to make the most money? Go to the US!
  • Bankers makes the most money in the UK, ahead of medical professionals and CEOs.
  • A director at Google can expect to win up to $200k

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The Best Paid Careers on the Planet

A look at the average career salaries across the globe, the types of occupations that pay the most on average and a peek at their pay disparities.

Top eight jobs by salary:

  1. Medical: 401k
  2. Directors/CEOs: 397k
  3. Banking: 351k
  4. Legal: 302k
  5. Software Engineer: 237k
  6. Airline: 200k
  7. Scientist: 150k
  8. Government: 93k

Pay Gaps

The disparity between the salaries of top earners and the average salaries for China, USA and the UK is the most extreme where the average earnings lie within 11% of those countries' top earners. Despite the similar pay gap the earnings need to be put in context: the average salary for people in China is only 9k but 30k for Americans. At the other extreme, Germany and Russia's pay gaps show that the top earners and average earners have less of a divergence. Income wealth is the most evenly distributed but, in context, German's average salary is 47k to Russia's humbler 13k.

Most Dangerous High Paying Jobs

All over the world, people carry out hazardous jobs and most receive a premium for their risks. This selection of careers, salaries and fatality rates is based on USA statistics.

  • Oil and Gas Extraction - salary: 64,000/year: Oil workers suffer from a 30.5 per 100,000 fatality rate that translates to around 120 deaths per year.
  • Coal Mining - salary: 2500/month: Miners and mine workers share a 27.8 per 100,000 fatality rate corresponding to 190 lives lost annually.
  • Aeronautics and Space Administration - salary: 83,000/year: Aircraft workers and pilots have a fatality rate of 92.4 per 100,000. Annual deaths average around 109.
  • Logging and Forestry - salary: 38,000/year: the fatality rate is 92.4 per 100,000. Around 85 loggers die each year through work.

Jobs in Antarctica

Careers in the Antarctic are typically limited to scientists and support staff on a few scientific bases including McMurdo (USA) and Port Lockroy (UK).

Despite the extreme weather conditions and isolation, demand is very high to work in this remote land. Salaries are typically in line with mainland pay; a small bonus is typically the only financial extra.

Financial Incentives

There isn't much to spend money on so workers tend to return home with a healthy bank balance.

  • Low tax
  • Free accommodation
  • Free food
  • Clothing provided


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