League tables are back! Are you trading for the best paying bank?

Emolument.com has examined 2014/2013 salary and bonus data from 640 Directors working in Trading, Sales and Research.


  • If you work on the markets, jostle your way to JP Morgan : With an average total compensation of £461,000, JP Morgan Directors are the best paid of their profession.. By some margin.
  • Deutsche leads the European charge: a very respectable second place with £402,000 annual compensation for its directors, DB's reputation for aggressive market making clearly pays off.
  • But... Where is Goldman Sachs? Goldman is an aggressive payer for MDs but less so it seems when it comes to Directors, lagging behind Nomura.
  • Smaller continental banks struggle to keep up: with trading floors often split between 2 countries, continental banks have a hard time paying up for their London staff - Even highly-respected BNP only pays its directors £220,000 a year

While the usual suspects Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs have fallen in the pay league tables, it is worth noting that BAML has carved a comfortable spot at no3, past its US rivals. Continental banks meanwhile have to jostle with the constant issue of pegging remuneration from a less competitive home market onto a more aggressive London pay structure.


1JP Morgan Chase£214,000£272,000£461,000
2Deutsche Bank£162,000£240,000£402,000
6Credit Suisse£153,000£204,000£357,000
7Morgan Stanley £168,000£186,000£353,000
9Goldman Sachs£167,000£164,000£330,000
10Societe generale£166,000£160,000£319,000
11Credit Agricole£140,000£173,000£313,000
16BNP Paribas£168,000£115,000£244,000


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