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September 2016

Which are the best paying jobs across the world's top cities?

2nd September 2016 Download

August 2016

Which Middle & Back office jobs pay the most?

26th August 2016 Download

Top 30 European universities with the highest paid graduates

19th August 2016 Download

West London's the place to be if you are a high flyer

12th August 2016 Download

Summer Olympics: Cash for Gold

5th August 2016 Download

July 2016

Oxbridge or Ivy League: Who is in the lead?

29th July 2016 Download

Internships: Find the sweetspot

22nd July 2016 Download

How does the Prime Minister salary compare?

15th July 2016 Download

UEFA Euro 2016 Finals - France vs investment bankers: 1-1

8th July 2016 Download

Wimbledon Championships: Could you earn more with your backhand?

1st July 2016 Download

June 2016

Brexit: What could it mean for bankers?

22nd June 2016 Download

Banking vs Brokerage firms

17th June 2016 Download

Same job different salary: India versus the UK

9th June 2016 Download

May 2016

The 12 jobs with the biggest pay increases this year

27th May 2016 Download

Best paying banks

20th May 2016 Download

Best paying jobs in finance

13th May, 2016 Download

Are PhDs and Doctorates worth it?

6th May, 2016 Download

Which are the highest paying Tech firms?

4th May 2016 Download

April 2016

Which are the highest paying consulting jobs?

25th April 2016 Download

Which are the highest paying trading jobs?

15th April 2016 Download

Which are the best paying law firms in the UK?

4th April 2016 Download

March 2016

Best-paying MBAs and the ones to pick if you are looking to work in Technology, Finance or Professional Services

March 28th 2016 Download

The British Gig Economy

23rd March 2016 Download

Bonus update 2016

13th March 2016 Download

Women in Finance - Career evolution and bonuses

8th March 2016 Download

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