Which are the best paying IT jobs?

Make sure you're being paid fairly with our IT salary guide, and see what you could be earning in a different country or company. Also discover the most valuable coding language and the best paying sectors in which to work. You never know, you might just decide to make that jump after all.

Coding Language

Coding LanguageAverage Pay (Developer)

By looking at the average income of an IT developer in the UK we can ascertain which are the best paying coding languages. Java developer salaries pay an extra £20,000 compared to less in-demand languages like PHP and ASP.Net which only secure salaries of £31,000. These figures have a lot to do with the applications for these languages, e.g. Java, C++ and C# are the three most popular languages in the finance sector, which still offers most of the best paying IT jobs.


SectorAverage Pay (Developer)
Apps, Web, and eCommerce£41,000
Technology and Telecoms£38,000


Perhaps unsurprisingly finance is the most profitable direction to focus your IT talents in the UK if you are looking for top IT salaries - earning you a significant £11,000 more than the second best paid sector. Our figures are averages across the whole sector, however, and some top companies outside of finance such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn are well-known for paying whatever it takes to attract the best IT talent.


CountryAverage Pay (Developer)
The Netherlands£32,000
Hong Kong£30,000


Thinking of taking your IT skills abroad? It looks like USA is the place to go, as salaries are 50% higher than your UK equivalent. Pity about the tricky immigration politics. On this side of the Atlantic, Ireland's tax policies seem to have succeeded in attracting tech giants to their shores, while outside of Europe, looking at Hong Kong IT salaries of £30,000 on average make a lot of sense especially taking into account local tax rates as well.


Which universities give IT professionals the best prospects? The ones with the best reputation, and those closest to London: Imperial College and UCL top the table, with Oxbridge and other Russell Group universities like Bristol close behind.

UniversityAverage Salary (Developer)
Imperial College London£53,000
University College London£45,000
Bristol University£43,000
Oxford University£43,000
Cambridge University£42,000
Southampton University£40,000
Queen Mary University of London£37,000
King's College London£37,000
Warwick University£36,000
Newcastle University£33,000

It is striking to see how inefficient this market is when it comes to salaries, with a very uneven distribution curve. In this growing market, in the early stages of their careers, developers should constantly balance working for the right company, with satisfying their salary demands, ideally combining the two further on in their careers.

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